Colourful spectacles are coming more and more into fashion and finding the right colour to suit your hair and skin can be tricky. We now do colour analysis to establish which colours suit you best.

Colour analysis, also called skin tone colour matching, personal colour or seasonal colour, is the process of finding colours of clothing and makeup and accessories to match a person's skin complexion, eye colour, and hair colour.

What has been trendy in the cosmetics and fashion industry, we now have taken to the next level to help us choose frames with you

By choosing the right colours we can achieve:

*your eyes, skin and hair glow

* Imperfections (dark eye circles, discolorations, etc.) are reduced which means that you need less makeup

* You will appear bright and alert

With the wrong colours:

* Your eyes, skin and hair look drained

* highlight and even create imperfections (double-chin, dark eye circles, yellow teeth, etc.)

* Your face will fade into the background

Let us help you look your best with expert advice and knowledge. Here is the best example of the perfect choice of colours for both spectacles.